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Welcome to Chihuahua Rescue Victoria!

We are a non-profit rescue group dedicated to helping rescued Chihuahuas find loving forever homes. On this site, you will find: stories and photos of rescued Chihuahuas; information about Chihuahuas; newsletters from Chihuahua Rescue Victoria; and plenty of information on Chihuahuas we currently have for adoption.

Our Chi Anthem, prepared by Felix is brilliant!

What's new

Sunday, 4th of August 2019 our August 2019 newsletter: Life of a Rescue Worker.

Sunday, 16th of June 2019 In memory of Carlo, famous for his soccer skills, super happy attitude and big smiles all year round along with his forever wagging tail. See Carlo's memorial on the Chihuahua Rescue Victoria site.

See the "What's New Archive".

Below is our gallery of happily rehomed dogs! See our blog for Chihuahuas currently needing a home. Also check out our Facebook Page!


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Chihuahua Rescue Victoria is a non-profit organisation. The advertisement below supports us directly.