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Robin's Success Story

Feel free to say hi to Robin on the Facebook post we created for this little guy's Chihuahua Rescue Victoria Success Story!

Wants a soft bed and good food!

Friday, 31st of January 2014

Here is what we said about Robin when we first put him up for adoption in 2014.

Hi! Robin when first up for adoption. (Friday, 31st of January 2014)

Robin is thirteen and a half years old Albino Chihuahua Cross whose Mummy passed very suddenly. He is VERY overweight and desires nothing more than a soft bed and good food! He has the beginnings of a slight heart murmer probably caused by too much good food and lack of exercise over the last five years. He gets on well with everyone, bless him! His price is $100.

The first email conversation we had with Robin's adoptive Mum-to-be went well and gave us a good feeling from the start.

.. how does robin get on with other small creatures? I ask as I have a pet rabbit who runs free in our back yard.

We hadn't heard much about how Chihuahuas get on with rabbits. We knew Robin would be OK with cats: he was a placid little dog.

Robin wonders who will adopt him? And will they have a comfy bed and good food? (Friday, 31st of January 2014)

Not sure how Robin would be with a rabbit, but he is fine with cats and other very small Chihuahuas who would be smaller than a rabbit. Robin is older and just likes to potter around. Very happy to gnaw on a big beef bone for hours! Very quiet.

Long story short, Robin found a new home!

Content, happy and often spritely

Saturday, 30th of September 2017

It is the greatest of pleasures for us to hear from adoptive parents, and Robin's forever loving home sent us this wonderful update along with plenty of photos and a couple of videos showing us just how well he has settled into his home.

What an amazing photo of little Robin running under the blossom trees in the park. (Saturday, 30th of September 2017)

Dear Rita and Mayer,

A long overdue update on Robin!

I hope you're both well.

You may remember me: I adopted my dear old chi-X 'Robin' from you back in early 2014.

To say this email is overdue is a huge understatement! I've been meaning to write you for so long now... so I do apologise and won't waste any further time with excuses.

Anyhow, to cut to the chase I'm happy to inform you that my beautiful old man is alive and doing extremely well. At times he can definitely show his age, but overall he is a very content, happy and often spritely little chappy!

I wish to thank you, as Robin has brought so much love and joy into my life and that of all of my friends and family. Everybody just adores him, and he truly is the apple of my eye.

I take him almost everywhere with me, so if I show up without him it's the first thing I get questioned about! Ha!

I've attached some recent photos and a video - I hope they work!

Warm Regards,

Robin's Mum!

I couldn't help but reply.

Robin is snoozing with his crinkly red tongue poking out! (Saturday, 30th of September 2017)

Oh my goodness, how absolutely lovely to hear from you. The minute I read "Robin" I pictured him! Funny how some little dogs stick in our minds, and then I looked at the photos and sure enough it is the Robin I remember. I seem to recall he was very overweight when you adopted him, and now he looks just perfect.

Thank you for loving Robin so much, and for caring for him so beautifully. I will put him up on Facebook with your beautiful words. So lovely!

Love from Rita and Mayer xxxxxxx

Here is the response we got soon after.

Hi Rita and Mayer,

Robin enjoys the sunshine and a tune on the Ukulele, thanks to his human! (Saturday, 30th of September 2017)

Thank you for your reply. I was so happy to get your email and also hear that you still remembered Robin! I can imagine it would be difficult to keep up with all the little dogs that you come into contact with throughout the years. So I'm stoked to know that he managed to stick in your mind.

Re: Robin's weight: yes you're right, he was a bit on the heavier side when I first adopted him but I've managed to keep up with cooking his meals (the chi-food recipe that you recommended), along with regular daily walks. Those walks are much shorter than in the earlier days! He is always happy to potter about, exploring new and different environments such as the beach, parks and bushlands.

I've also added a few more pics and another video from the beginning of the year. One of these shows him sitting with his BFF 'Patsy'; my close friend's elderly adopted ex-racing greyhound. They absolutely adore each other!

Thanks again for all of the wonderful work that you do. The world definitely needs more Rita and Mayers!

Love and best wishes,

Robin's Mum!

Well, this has been a wonderful day - so glad to put up these photos and the story of Robin. What a success!

The many different sides of Robin

Robin's Mum sent us a lot of great images that we couldn't fit into the story above, so here they all are in Robin's very own gallery!





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