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Chee Chee's Success Story

No hesitation, she was the one


In 2007, we saw a little girl come from the pound as unclaimed. We named her Chee Chee. She was very shy: timid and quite frightened. Then we had a call from C and E regarding Chee Chee and their email shortly after adopting Chee Chee explains how it happened.

My favourite snack.

I was very fortunate to have been given your details from a colleague who adopted Max from you. When Chee Chee's photograph appeared on your website, there was no hesitation, she was the one! So, thanks goes to both of you!

Chee Chee is one very special little girl who means so much to both of us and we are happy for you to share our emails, photos or letters on your Success stories page.

It is just wonderful to receive updates on our little dogs from time to time, and see photographs of how they have developed and blossomed. Chee Chee has done just that with all the love and care given by C and E.

First anniversary


In 2008, another email arrived.

My all day chew stick.

Hi Rita and Mayer,

It's been a long time since we have sent you an update on dear little Chee Chee, so I thought it was about time I did something about it.

Hope all is going well with you guys.

Thursday, 27th of May will be our 1st Anniversary with Chee Chee, and we thought we would share some of our special moments.

Chee Chee has grown into a gorgeous little girl.

She has just had her annual shots and now weighs in at 3.864 kilos: a little more than what she was twelve months ago - 1.7! We take her to a great doggy day care once a fortnight and she loves it. This keeps her socialising skills up to date. And of course, who does she play with but a St Bernard, a Boxer and a Ridgeback (and occasionally some of the little guys too)!

I have attached some photos so you can see how beautiful she is. We absolutely love her.

Recently, she found a lovely bone, which she left between our pillows ready for a midnight snack! What can we say? She's our little angel.

Chee Chee lined all her beds up to the doggy door but could not get them outside. Either she wanted to air them out or leave home! Not sure what Chee Chee was thinking. :) Time for a doggy nap. Chee Chee went to doggy day care today for her gym work out; hopefully it was a bit of a burn off. Either way, she is fast asleep now!

Doggy Day Care

October 2010

In October 2010 we received this lovely letter from C and E.

My 1st birthday present.

Thought it was time for a Chee Chee update. This little girl has really come out of her shell.

After a few weekly "Doggy Day Care" sessions, she is now queen of the castle. She loves the Big Guys and has a lot of fun with the little ones too. Chee Chee basically runs the show - she is the boss's assistant at Mutts. Mutts asked us to do a doggy photo shoot so her picture can go on display! We have enclosed a picture for you, so you can see the princess she really is.

Chee Chee is still not trusting of people until she has fully checked them out! Chee Chee brings us heaps of joy and happiness. Thank you for finding her for us.

Dear C and E, Thank you for being such responsible and loving owners for one of our little "lost souls". Chee Chee is such a lucky little girl to have been adopted by you! The photo is just beautiful, thank you so much.

On escape routes and duck tenders

Saturday, 12th of September 2015

How wonderful to hear about Chee Chee again! This is the letter we got this week:

Chee Chee enjoying the sunshine! (Monday, 7th of September 2015)

Hi Rita and Mayer,

I'm glad we could put a name to Max's photo.

It has been a long time since our last Chee Chee 'Princess' update.

Hope you are all keeping well, how's all my little cousins going?

I still have my frequent doggy play days at Mutt's and love em: I prance around making sure everything is in order. Marianne, my doggy day and holiday carer loves it when I come, coz I keep an eye on things for her. Plus, I find all the new little escape routes that I can squeeze through. *Smile* Marianne gave me the bestest present for Christmas: it's a ball with a Santa hat so I can grab it real easy and throw it around as much as I like. Mum throws it and I bring it back a few times, but that's enough coz I got other more important things to do than chase a ball that mum throws. 🐶

I love my beach walks but don't like to get my feet wet. I put the brakes on real hard and although mum tries to make it look like fun, no way am I going in there!

My mummy and daddy have found these great little chewy things (not treats) that I will do anything for. They're by VitaPet, so of course they're healthy and good for me and they're called Duck Tenders, yum!

And lastly, I love fluffing up my lounge chair before I settle down for my naps. *Sleepy smile*

Thank you again C and E for giving Chee Chee such a loving home. Say hi to Chee Chee on the Facebook post for this update!





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