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Newsletters for 2021

  1. Our March 2021 newsletter: Chihuahua Rescue Victoria Newsletter is closing down.


Newsletters for 2019

  1. Our August 2019 newsletter: Life of a Rescue Worker.


Newsletters for 2018

  1. Your chance to own some amazing art by our favourite local painter Froney Ward in support of Chihuahua Rescue Victoria. Read about it in our Newsletter for January 2018!


Newsletters for 2017

  1. Thinking on the doggies who have come to our rescue with medical problems and our brilliant local vet. Angel is still the boss. Chola will be looking for a new home next year. These are all in our Newsletter for December 2017!
  2. In our Newsletter for September 2017, we discuss the new Chihuahua Rescue Victoria mobile site coming soon (September 2017). We also have a Rainbow Bridge story for rescued dogs, and a marvellous Success Story for Freddie!


Newsletters for 2016

  1. Chihuahua Rescue Victoria is pleased to announce that we succesfully won a grant for $5,000 under the Animal Welfare Fund - Grants Program! (May 2016).


Newsletters for 2015

  1. Provide for your Chihuahua after you have gone (May 2015).
  2. Welcome to our newly refurbished site! (June 2015).


Newsletters for 2014

  1. One Experience from 2013  (March 2014).


Newsletters for 2013

  1. Bella's Story and Thank you to the Chihuahua Club  (May 2013).
  2. Chihuahua Rescue Victoria 2014 Calendar and Rainbow Bridge Rescue in  (November 2013).


Newsletters for 2011

  1. Stop the Clock  (March 2011)
  2. Old Dogs! (April 2011)
  3. Chihuahua Suggested Diet  (April 2011)


Newsletters for 2010

  1. Penny was hit by a car  (April 2010)
  2. Good-bye Peaches. We will always love you. (June 2010)
  3. Donations for dear Alice  (August 2010)
  4. Did you see us in the Sunday Age today? (August 2010)


Newsletters for 2009

  1. One By One  (July 2009)
  2. We are on Hound TV! (August 2009)
  3. We are Twitter, Facebook and DogTree! (August, 2009)


Newsletters for 2008

  1. Rosie  (August 2008)
  2. Bad news comes in fours today  (October 2008)


Newsletters for 2007

  1. Pomx  (May 2007)
  2. Mindy and Peanut  (August 2007)
  3. Do not feed your dog raisins  (September 2007)
  4. Looking back, thinking forward and pondering now  (October 2007)





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