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In memory of Nelson

Monday, 17th of April 2017

The love and devotion Nelson's Mum shows for her doggie family is obvious in her words and photos. She wrote to us about the post she made on her own Facebook page, allowing us to use her material in memoriam for a recently passed Chihuahua Rescue Victoria rescue, Nelson.

I loved when he pricked up his ears like this, whenever I'd say 'walkies' or 'you want some cheesey poof'?

Hi Rita,

I tried direct messaging you on facebook. But if it doesn't work, here is my post and all the photos. As I mentioned in the message, I was very emotional and there are a few swear words so I hope they don't offend you and I totally understand you may want to remove them if you put anything up on your website.

Thank you for introducing me to the best friend I ever had.

Nelson was adopted out in 2005 to a wonderful and caring forever home. His adoptive Mum reached out to us on Sunday, 22nd of January 2017 to let us know that Nelson passed away on Tuesday, 17th of January 2017.

What is this obsession you have with tormenting me? I'm totally fine with my one eye disability. If you're gonna subject me to a fake eye, could you at least have got a lifelike one and not from the $2 shop again!

Nelson was my best friend, a one eyed Chihuahua with a really bad attitude. He was adopted 11 years ago. My baby. I'm not ashamed to say it (given that I'm unable to have a human one). I found him dead on Thursday evening, not even twenty minutes after he gobbled his last meal.

I'm not after a pity party but somehow blabbing this out to the world is helping my grief. I've had to euthanize other fur babies, but finding the love of your life dead, it's changed me. I did mouth to snout and CPR, to no avail.

Thank you to Erskineville Sydney Animal Hospital. In particular, thanks go to Baz the vet for trying to resuscitate him, even when it was never gonna do anything; and thanks for walking me to my car with my baby, hugging me and sending me flowers. Thank you Annie the vet and others for your love and support. Thanks to friends for stopping my crazytown CSI paranoia, for checking on me and just letting me know I got a friend, and for the party that helped me forget my pain for a few hours.

Adopting this rescue dog changed my life infinitely for the better. He saw me through two breakdowns, a serious breast cancer scare, a REAL serious scary town cancer diagnosis and treatment, a gastric operation that I thought was going to kill me and so many other hard times.

My darling Nelson, you will be in my heart forever. I love you my bubba and one day I'll see you again, but for now, you've got all your old dead girlfriends, Mr. Fancy Pants and Tippitoes, Nifty and Bazza for you to torment and be top dog over, even though you're the tiniest.

Nelson's Adventures in brief

Here are a few select memories from the treasured collection of photos that Nelson's Mum made available.

If you would like to, say a few words for Nelson on the Facebook post for this page.





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