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2010 Success Stories

Chee Chee

In 2007, we saw a little girl come from the pound as unclaimed. We named her Chee Chee. She was very shy: timid and quite frightened. After a call and a visit from C and E, Chee Chee found a new forever home, and we were honoured to receive these updates for Chee Chee in 2007, 2008 and now 2010. Read about it in Chee Chee's Chihuahua Rescue Victoria Success Story!

Alice (now Gypsy)

Alice, just after the first vet had put her leg in a cast.

Read here the heartwarming Success Story of Alice (now called Gypsy): from rescue, vet operations, generous donations to a loving new home. If you want to comment on Alice's story, you can so on her blog page.

Early August, 2010

Alice was found wandering on the streets outside a school; she had been hit by a car which had badly injured her leg. Notices were placed all over in an endeavour to find her owners. It is hard to say how long she had been wandering the streets, or even where she may have come from. Alice had her leg put in plaster by a local vet in the same area she was found in.

We know that she is a friendly little Pom cross Chi, probably 3 to 5 years of age. Despite the cast she is perfectly happy to roll over for a tummy rub and displays complete trust.

Alice has a cool cast though!

Friday, 13th of August 2010

We took Alice to the Beach Street Vet on Friday the 13th to be checked out. They took x-rays of her leg and discovered that the bone had not been set in place. Jann explained to us that it is very hard when a dog is injured in this sort of accident: they come to the Vet with grossly swollen body parts. When the leg is broken to the extent that Alice's leg is broken, all the muscle and tendons etc are torn away from the bone and, without fairly major surgery (when the swelling goes down) the bone cannot be put back together correctly.

The x-rays indicate that this is indeed what has happened. To leave Alice in this heavy plaster with her leg bones fractured is very unfair on Alice. She could spend months waiting for the bone to mend, only for us to find out weeks later that it hadn't knitted and never would! Meanwhile, who knows what sort of pain poor little Alice has been in - and is still putting up with!

The good news is that Euan Kilkpatrick - who owns Beach Street Vet Clinic - is an expert with bone surgery. Euan has agreed to operate on Alice on Monday the 16th of August. He will remove the heavy plaster, open her leg and manipulate the bone into its correct place. Until he opens the leg we will not know if it can be fixed with a screw through the bone - very unlikely as the bones are so tiny - which may not be enough to "hold" anyway. The alternative (and most likely) method will be a plate and screws. This is a very expensive operation.

We were advised that the operation could cost about $1,000 or more. We looked at little Alice lying on the table, offering her tummy for tickles, tail wagging, eyes sparkling with fun. I looked at Mayer, and he looked at me. We both turned to Jann and said, in unison "she is such a happy loving little dog." What do you do when you just simply do not have that sort of money to spend on one little dog? The alternative is to euthanise her, which we just DO NOT DO!!

So on Monday we are off in an endeavour to raise some funds to assist with Alice's surgery costs.

Alice with her leg open so that the infection can heal.

Monday, 16th of August 2010

Alice went in for surgery this morning. We got a phone call early this afternoon to advise that when Euan took the plaster off he discovered that Alice also has a nasty infection. Because of this, the surgery has to be held off until Thursday. I just raced down to see Alice as she was waking up from the anaesthetic. The tired little darling tried to lift her head when she heard me say her name. Then they showed me her leg - ugh what a mess! Poor little girl.


Nicole (one of our wonderful Vet nurses from Beach Street Veterinary Clinic) has just brought Alice home to be kept quiet and calm until Thursday. She has a little enclosure where she is safe from bumps from the other dogs. Euan has cleaned the leg and it will remain "open" to help heal the infection.

Thursday, 19th of August 2010

Alice has come through her operation with flying colours! She is very sleepy tonight, but has had a little dinner and a drink of water. Now she is snuggled up in her bed, asleep again. No plaster or nasty stitches - these are dissolving stitches! She also has a nice little plate in her leg to hold it together. She was very happy when we picked her up! More later.

If anyone can spare a few dollars to help, please contact us for Chi Rescue bank details, or use Paypal (link on web page - over to the left) with all donations marked "Alice". Acknowledgements will appear below. Thank you.

DONATIONS FOR ALICE (kept coming in over the next few weeks).

Target ($1,000) reached and BEYOND: $1,175

Thank you to these wonderful people who have donated:

  • Elizabeth and Rex $50
  • Smaro $25
  • Betty $50
  • Denise $100
  • Irmgard $20
  • Robyn $50
  • Inge $50
  • Katie $30
  • Karyn $150
  • Michelle $50
  • Katherine and Elise $50
  • And a special Thank You to Margaret C. for your extremely generous donation of $500 in memory of Black Beauty (15/4/95 - 28/7/2010).
  • Joyce, Russ, and Sophie $20
  • Beach St Vets for generous help for Alice
  • Tarryn $30

Thank you ALL! Thank you so much for all your help with Alice. We had sufficient donations to pay the Vet account for Alice with a little left over, which will now be used for some of the other little ones needing special attention - like Tangaranga.


Monday, 23rd of August 2010

The operation to fix Alice's leg meant that Euan opened her leg from just above the "elbow" almost down to her "ankle". He has put the bone back together and placed a metal plate over the breaks, sewn back the tendons or whatever and sewed her up again with dissolving stitches. All we can now see is a very fine red line where the leg was opened up. The hair will grow back over that fairly soon. It is less than a week since the operation and we have had Alice confined in a "puppy pen" for her safety.

She is such a good little girl: she whimpered every time she needed to have a wee, and gave two very short little barks if she wanted to go outside! Just amazing. She wanted to play with the other dogs but we had to keep her separate. However, yesterday we allowed her to stay outside with some of the smaller Chis for a few hours and she loved it.

Tuesday, 24th of August 2010

This morning she has been outside and inside playing and having the time of her life with the other dogs. She is even putting a little weight on the leg now!

Friday, 3rd of September 2010

Alice is now looking for a new home! She is walking on her leg and is quite confident to stand up against your leg for pats etc. She is quite happy with everyone and is a wonderful, gentle little dog. Due to the fact she has had such surgery on her back leg, we feel that she would be better in an adult family only.

Wednesday, 15th of September 2010


I've just seen the photos of gorgeous little Alice. What a sweetheart! We would very much like to enquire about the process of meeting Alice to see if we might be the right home for her.

A bit about us. We are a young married couple. We live in a converted shop (the size of a small house/large townhouse) with a secure yard and a 6 foot tall bricked in fence. At the start of this year, we said goodbye to the love of my life and our shining star Gremlin. Gremlin was a Silky Terrier X, 17 years old. We were so blessed to have had her for so long - basically my entire life. Though we'll never get "over" Gremlin, we feel ready to start looking around and opening our hearts again for the right little dog.

We are homebodies and while we are dedicated to exercising our pet, Gremlin was very quiet in the last years of life. Thus we became accustomed to a quiet life with a pampered, very-much-inside dog. We are looking for a dog with similar tendencies - one who likes to get out and about with us occasionally, but is mostly at home cuddling with us on the couch or having sleep ins together in bed!

We both work full time, so while we are absolutely committed to spending as much time with our furry child as possible, we will need to find a dog who is confident enough to be left on her own a few days out of the month. We love small dogs and the chi / pom breeds seem to match us quite closely in the research we have done on temperament and personality. We would dearly love to visit Alice and see if we might be the right match for her!

Hope to hear from you soon :)

Wednesday, 15th of September 2010

Hello Dear,

That sounds perfect. The normal procedure is that you come down and meet Alice to see firstly that she likes you! Then if you like her. Mind you, Alice likes everyone - although food is her first priority! We have to keep her food intake under control as she would eat everything in sight otherwise. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are OK with us at the moment.

We ask people to come between the hours of 11 am and 4 pm on days that suit both parties.

Alice's full story as we know it is on our web page.

The Chi cross Pom is a gorgeous mixture and seems to take on the best of both breeds.

Let us know if you would like to meet Alice.

Friday, 17th of September 2010

Our darling Alice has gone to a new home and will be "trying out" for a fortnight!! THANK YOU to every wonderful person who has donated for Alice's leg operation. Such a wonderful response and generous spirit from everyone.

Saturday, 18th of September 2010

Hi Rita & Mayer!

Just wanted to drop you a really quick line to say all is well. Alice was just wonderful in the car home and cuddled with Daddy the whole way home - with a short snooze before arrival!

We have obviously had a low key afternoon and did some normal housey things to get her used to and exploring the house. This evening we've been chilling in front of the TV which she thinks is just great. She has claimed the middle spot of the couch already as hers! She seemed a little bit unsure and overwhelmed earlier in the evening. She needed LOTS of cuddles and reassurance. Now, however, she trots around and is happy to leave the room and come back when she's ready. I think she is settling. Naturally it will take some time but I really think she can be comfortable here.

We are just so besotted with her. She looks just like a little fox!

Hope you and all the other kids are well! It was so lovely meeting you today and thank-you again for the opportunity to meet this gorgeous little girl. We'll keep in contact and let you know how she's getting on as the days pass.

Take care.

Wednesday, 29th of September 2010

Alice chilling out at the park. What do you mean it's *your* bathrobe?

Here is the long overdue update! So sorry for the delay, we've had a friend staying with us from Perth so the study has been occupied and we've not been able to sit down and get all the photos on the computer.

I hardly know where to start! We are just so enamoured with this gorgeous little soul. We have taken to calling her Gypsy (I hope that's OK!) - and she has fit right in to our family immediately.

She is starting to feel a bit more secure, and even sleeps in bed with us now. She used to sleep by herself on the couch the first few nights, so I think that it is a good sign. Maybe she realises this is really "home" now! The first few nights I left my bathrobe on the couch: I think she must have thought it was the best bed in the house - so now that's where it stays every morning after I leave for work. She gets SO excited at dinner time and tears down the hallway at lightning speed, but she picks up her little leg and carries it behind her so she is kind of hopping down the hallway: it is just adorable.

Other than when she runs, she doesn't seem bothered by her leg at all, and of course she's decided she likes the taller couch rather than the one closer to the ground. I always fret when she jumps up off it! We've made her a little set of steps so she can get up more easily but half the time she doesn't even use them.

We have an appointment with our local vet on Friday, just to introduce her and keep a check on her leg. She also seems a bit bothered by her right ear for some reason and keeps scratching it all the time, so we'll just check that out too to make sure all is good.

We've taken her for a few short walks to our local park. We carried her there and walked her home! She LOVES it! I was worried it might be too overwhelming for her given she still seemed a little bit insecure at home, but she wasn't fazed at all! She wears the harness and walks on the lead beautifully, stopped for pats with the kids. She is just an angel. She sits quietly to be brushed and even lifts her head up at the right times so you can get all the fur under her neck and ears properly. She is such a good girl. It is obvious that she has been part of a family before. Honestly it boggles my mind that no one came to find her when she was lost.

We are so thankful that she has come into our lives, and so grateful to you, Rita and Mayer and ALL the people who donated for her operation for giving this little one the second chance she now has in life. I knew she would be a sweetheart but it really does seem "meant to be": just how perfect she is for us.

Hope you and the rest of the pups are going well! Once we get the OK from the vet after Friday we'll be looking to enrol her in some socialisation classes, I think she does miss her little doggie friends there at Chi Rescue!

And now some photos!

How could anyone leave this face behind? It can't be bedtime, I'm not tired! Just 5 more minutes please. Five minutes later.

Thursday, 13th of January 2011

Gypsy is doing so fantastic, she has well and truly settled in and her confidence has skyrocketed. She is our little queen of the house. Everyone who meets her just falls in love with her right away, she is such a genuine loving soul. When they hear her story they are even more amazed that she is still so trusting and loving after all she has been through.

She loves walking around our neighbourhood so we go for a short walk every morning, then a longer one at night. She is the best alarm clock ever: she will not let me sleep in when there is a walk to be had - haha! She has made a few little doggy friends we see regularly at the dog park near our house (always playing on the leash of course). The fur on her leg has grown back over her scar and our local vet said it has healed up perfectly. It doesn't seem to bother her at all, however when she is tired or when she barrels down the hallway at dinner time she still picks up her little leg and carries it behind her - a trait I think she might have for life.

We have these two silly little chairs on our back deck, they are tiny and when we sit in them our knees almost come up to our chins - well Gypsy thinks they are great because they are just the right size for her! So yep, "our" chairs are now well and truly Gypsy's chairs, haha :)

Our chairs now belong to Gypsy.


Here is another look at all the photos for Alice!

Remember - if you want to comment on Alice's story, you can do so on her blog page.

Curley and Cara (now Kelly and Candy)

Monday, 17th of May 2010

Betty and Greg adopted Kelly (formerly Curley) in 2005 and had a few problems with her in the beginning, but she soon settled in and became part of the family. Here are some emails they sent to Chi Rescue.

Pic of Candy nee Cara in her pink bed.

Kelly has been with us for 5 years now. She is a beautiful little girl and I love her dearly. She won't let me out of her sight; she sleeps with us on our bed and doesn't do anything wrong. She is still scared of different people, which is very sad. But she has a great life here with us.

As you know, she has a friend called Candy (who was called Cara) whom we have only just adopted. They both get on pretty well together, which is good. Kelly just wants to play and Candy chases her around! Recently, we caught them sleeping together on the couch.

Just thought I would let you know so you can put her in the success stories as well.

Saturday, 8th of May 2010

Betty and Greg adopted Cara (whom they renamed later to Candy) on the 8th May, 2010. That evening we received the following email.

Well, everything is going ok, sort of: but I am stressing. Kelly is being the dominant one. Poor little Cara is showing her teeth and telling Kelly where to go; Kelly is being a bit overbearing. Greg is telling me to chill out and just let them be. It's a big place for Cara: she had a crazy time running around mad - no escaping though.

When Greg goes outside for a smoke he takes the girls outside too and all is well. Hopefully she will eat something. Earlier, she didn't seem interested when we tried to give her some dried food. What is dinner time for the kids? Our dinner time is 6.00 O'clock. Boy she is beautiful and guess what: she LOVES the bright pink bed! She tried to have a sleep but Kelly wont let her be.

Sunday, 9th of May 2010

This was followed on the 9th May, 2010 with this email.

Pic of Candy nee Cara in March 2010.

Well what a night! Cara slept in her pink bed in the kitchen. Kelly kept annoying her on and off all night. Up and down - she drove me mad. And boy does she snore - her nickname is now Chainsaw! She is nearly as bad as Greg... heh. I wouldn't mind her in the bedroom with us as well but not with that snoring.

Cara is a very, very good girl. But yesterday she did her wee inside all over the place, but I suppose that was to be expected: she didn't do number 2 until this morning. She hung on all night and did it outside when we went outside this morning.

Well both girls had a bath today so they smell sweet and are blow dried as well. We took the magnets off the doggie door and now she is going in and out ok. She is a quick learner, so she must have been someone's beautiful little girl. She loves the big yard and when we go out the front door she listens and doesn't try to get out. We just say NO if she is bad. So far, so good. Kelly is the problem we will have to see how she goes this week. I might have to give Kelly back (just kidding)... she did eat her tea last night very delicately I might add.

She is one adorable baby.

Monday, 17th of May 2010

By 17th May, 2010 we received this email advising us of even more wonderful progress.

Pic of Kelly nee Curley in May 2010.

Well what can I say? Cara is a beautiful little girl. She has a great nature and wants cuddles all the time. She is getting on better with Kelly now, as Kelly wants to play and Cara chases her, yapping all the way.

She loves her new pink bed and she learns very quickly. Already she is going out the doggie door. She has had a few accidents inside. Probably she is upset with Kelly poking at her all the time with her nose - which I find quite funny. She hasn't even tried to escape when we let them in to the big yard she burns around like a maniac! Then we just say "come on girls - come inside!" and she bolts inside. They play flat out for about five minutes before sleep time, little darlings. Also she loves the car and makes herself at home - I might add she jumps right to the back on the parcel shelf and settles in. It was so funny.

There's no way you're getting her back either & Rita we are changing her name to Candy. I have enclosed a couple of pictures & will send more when I can.

Missy and Percy

Monday, 10th of May 2010

Missy and Percy (Percy was named Boyess) came into Chihuahua Rescue care when their owner passed away. It is truly a brilliant story - read about them in Missy and Percy's Chihuahua Rescue Victoria Success Story. We received two updates for these two this year (and one further update in 2011), and have included them all on the one page (the link we provide here).


Wednesday, 5th of May 2010

Hello Rita and Mayer,

I wanted to give you an update about Gizmo - he's a little gem!

Our old male dog LOVES him and Gizmo has given him a new lease of life, I haven't seen him so happy in a long while and although he is very slow he enjoys rolling around with Gizmo. Our little female Chi cross is less impressed, but is coming around and I did catch them sleeping together in a basket so it's all good.

Gizmo has a lovely nature with our daughter. He is very tolerant of her, and he loves being chased by her, especially if he has his new fluffy toy in his mouth.

Gizmo's appetite is good. He sits on command and is learning to sit at the kerbside and wait for cars (on the lead). He also loves the beach and chasing birds. He's not happy with big dogs and rushes up to them barking - I wonder if he had a bad experience with a big dog? Our other Chi dislikes big dogs immensely too. Gizmo is very well house-trained.

Gizmo is desperate to sleep in our bed, but has contented himself with sleeping on my coat at the bottom of the bed (he does have his own basket though).

All in all, he's a beaut little dog, he is very loving and I get the feeling he would be VERY protective if he had to be - first thing in the morning he trots around the garden along the fence ready to "have a go". I think he thinks that our old dogs have been letting the side down a bit and it falls to him to guard our territory.

All in all I wouldn't bring him back for quids!

Many thanks.


April 2010

Here is a beautiful letter we received from Cheryl, who adopted Joey in 2003.

Joey, a little bear. Joey's friend Shari! Joey before his haircut!

Hi Rita & Mayer

Recently I discovered your website and thought I would drop you a line.

Back in 2003 a few months after my father died I adopted a dear little fellow you called 'Joey.' When I phoned you to ask if you had any dogs for adoption you described him as looking like a little bear.

He is a cross Pomeranian/Chihuahua. We renamed him 'Bobby' after my dear father who died a few months before.

My daughter Kim and I came to meet him and immediately he took to Kim who sat on the floor and he came to her. It is nearly seven years on now and he is still with us bringing us joy every day.

He had two knee operations fairly soon after we adopted him (cruciate ligaments) and we laughingly say he cost us $700 a kg, as he weighed only 2kg and the operations costs $1400 all up. Every cent was worth it to see him back to his normal, loving little self.

He loves our other little dog, Shari, who we have had for 15 years now. She is a Maltese/Chihuahua X. They sleep on my bed one either side of me leaving not much room to move.

I now have a three year old grandson, Ryan, and he loves both the dogs. Shari and Bobby are very good with Ryan, however we always supervise them very closely.

Anyway I have been meaning to get in touch with you so many times to say thank you for the work you do and also for being able to hand over to us our dear little doggie.

I will be looking to adopt another dog in the future as Shari is getting on now and Bobby would be lost without a play mate.

Kind regards,


P.S I have attached photos of Bobby (Joey) & Shari


March 2010

A few days ago I received this heart warming letter from the family who took in Buddy. He is with a loving family and has a Chihuahua friend too: Charlie. I am so glad to see Buddy settling in with a loving family. These doggies are precious and give so much joy.


Dear Rita and Mayer,

I'm sure you will be pleased to know that we are very happy with Buddy and definitely want to keep him.

He has settled remarkably well in such a short space of time. He's getting better with Ed, my husband, letting him walk him (once I have attached the lead) and jumped onto his lap yesterday!

I've started getting up earlier so that I can walk him & Charlie in the morning before work. He is a good little walker and we all go out again in the evening before tea. They have both settled down well. Buddy instantly claimed Charlie's bed so Charlie has the new one although they did get in together on Sunday night and I'm sure they will when the weather turns cooler.

I have registered him with our vet now, she gave a quick look at him on Friday, examined his back legs and said they were good and strong. So the funny skip when he walks is probably just a quirk for now.

I've attached a couple of early pics.

Thankyou so much for letting us have him, you do a wonderful job dedicating so much of your time to ensure these adorable dogs get a loving home, I'm going to have to restrain myself from looking too closely on your blogspot!

Buddy and Charlie having a snooze together Buddy and Charlie out walking together

Thank you Jane! I think Buddy and Charlie have a lot of walking and exploring to do together, and you are just the right family for Buddy.


January 2010

I recently got this letter from Pablo's new family. In the first picture, Pablo is on the left, Leroy is on the right.

Pablo (left) and Leroy (right) snuggling

Dear Rita and Mayer,

Hi there, it's me, Pablo! I want to let you know that I am doing really well and I was terribly spoilt this Christmas. Santa brought me my very own aeroplane dog bed and I get to sleep in the cock pit! Leroy got a fancy convertible car which I thought was mine too. It may as well be as I sleep in this as well. Mummy keeps the aeroplane on the couch and bought a little doggie step ramp so I can make my own way up onto the couch.

I've been spending some weekends down in Flinders where Mummy's partner has a holiday house. It is really cool because there is a dog beach at the end of the street. As you can see from one of the pics, I love the water!

I get spoilt with food too, vitamized raw chicken thighs (free range or sometimes organic) with cooked beans, carrots, spinach and rice, all rolled up into little tiny balls which I can scoop up with my tongue. All in all, I'm sooo very happy, I hope you both are too. Oh, and by the way, I'm the boss of Leroy but Mummy says she's the boss of me!




Monday, 29th of November 2010

Pablo passed away on the 29th of November 2010. He was a darling and Giselle is a lovely lady who gave him so much love in his old age. Here is our memorial to the wonderful Pablo.





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