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Pearly-Sue's Success Story

Friday, 19th of June 2015

Pearly-Sue was originally known to us as Susie. Here is what we wrote about her when we first put her up for adoption in December 2014:

Pearly-Sue was named Susie when we first put her up for adoption. She is a very gentle and loving little girl who likes to curl up in her bed and sleep a fair bit as most older girls do! (Sunday, 14th of December 2014)

Susie is a gorgeous dainty "older" lady, a pure Chihauhua weighing in at a whole 2kg. She is a very gentle and loving little girl who likes to curl up in her bed and sleep a fair bit as most older girls do! She has been desexed, fully immunised, and microchipped. A full vet assessment has been done and she does have a very mild heart murmur which does not require any medication at this stage and should not for some years providing she is fed correctly. Other than that she is in excellent condition.

Tuesday, 9th of June 2015

Pearly-Sue was adopted by a gracious young lady who has provided us an update and some pictures that show how much love Pearly-Sue has in her forever home.

Pearly-Sue enjoying her time on the deck - soaking up the sun. (Monday, 1st of June 2015)

Hi Rita, I wanted to give you an update on 14 year old Susie who is now known as Pearly-Sue. It's been just over 6 months since we had the pleasure of adopting such a beautiful old lady.

One month after bringing Pearly-Sue home, we discovered that she was a little sicker then expected. We got the devastating news that Pearl has significant kidney failure. With little we could do other then put her on a strict diet and give our princess lots of love, we monitor her constantly to ensure she is always happy and not in any discomfort. A few weeks ago Pearly-Sue had her routine blood test and we found out that by some miracle her kidneys have kicked back into action!

We have been honoured to have such a beautiful soul around us and she has bought so much joy to our lives. We have been on many adventures. We enjoyed chasing the waves at the beach, playing with the ducks at our local pond and multiple car rides all over the state. Pearly-Sue has a huge personality and a very cheeky nature. She is most happy when in our arms, keeping an eye on everything we do.

She has successfully manipulated our two cats into believing that she is the boss and that they must not interrupt or expect any attention when she is anywhere near by! Yet she also enjoys snuggles from them and the feeling of their warmth against her on cold days. She is quite happy for them to clean her as required!

Pearly-Sue has an array of outfits and is quite the popular little lady amongst friends and family. We get requests on Facebook regularly regarding updates from our little miss. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the hard work you put in at Chihuahua Rescue Victoria, because without you, we would never have experienced the unconditional love that Pearly-Sue has bought to our family.

We asked for a little more detail about Pearly-Sue's kidneys. Here is the response, showing she is in good health - and good hands!

Pearly-Sue in the arms of her Mum, loving her forever home.  (Monday, 1st of June 2015)

Pearly-Sue still has kidney failure, however the results showed that the remaining kidney is working very well and indicates that no further damage has been done — which surprised us all. For an old girl, her energy levels shock me daily: she is first out the door to go for walks, she tries to get into the car first if we aren't quick enough and skids along the tiles to greet us when we get home from work.

Thank you again Rita

This is the Facebook entry when we first announced this Success Story, but feel free to discuss Pearly-Sue on her new Facebook entry just for this page!

See some of photos on our front page gallery - Pearly-Sue when we first put her up for adoption and Pearly-Sue on the deck.





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