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In memory of Billie Girl

Saturday, 22nd of April 2017

We say good bye to a most darling little doggie, Billie Girl, who had a loving home and passed recently. If you wish, say some words in her memory over at the Facebook post for Billie Girl's memoriam.

Little Miss Independent

Tuesday, 28th of July 2015

Billie Girl was put up for adoption late in July in 2015. Here is what we said about her back then.

Billie Girl enjoying her bed! (Saturday, 25th of July 2015)

Billie Girl is an eight year old, desexed female. Toilet trained and really well behaved. She gets along with the other little dogs here but is more a little miss independent, would make an excellent "only dog". Not sure how she would handle cats or young children.

She is in excellent health. She has been fully immunised and is microchipped. Her price is $200 "as is".

Very affectionate and loving

Thursday, 12th of January 2017

In January, we received an update from Billi Girl's adoptive Mum, who revealed just how well she had been fitting into her forever loving home.

TTTTHPBT! Update on Billie after 18 months: still a very cheeky girl! (Thursday, 12th January 2017)

Hi Rita and Mayer,

We are very overdue for an update on my gorgeous Billie, and I can't believe she has been with me now for 18 months. She is a delight, very affectionate and loving: a real character and everyone who meets her loves her.

She still sleeps on my bed and still runs my life. As you can see by the photo of her with her tongue out she is very cheeky.

She has a bit of arthritis but we are on top of that. She Loves her food and would eat all day if I let her.

She still harasses me to go for a walk but we only go out for a few minutes now, as we had a bit of a fright a few months ago when two off-leash poodles attacked us. She feels more secure at home, where just a few minutes walk makes her happy. Billie Girl lets me know when she wants to come home!

I adore this little girl, thank you again for putting us together all those months ago.

And thank you Billie's Mummy, for this delightful update!

Bye wonderful Billie Girl

Sunday, 26th of March 2017

Today we received a really distressing update that had us shocked and saddened.

Billie Girl in the arms of her new Mum! (Thursday, 30th of July 2015)

Dear Rita,

I have awful news and I am devastated. On Thursday evening (Thursday, 23rd of March 2017) I had to put my little Billie Girl to sleep. She was only 10 years old. I got her from you in July 2015. She was the most loving, funny and adorable little girl.

It was so sudden, which is why I cannot cope with it. She started having seizures in the early hours of Wednesday morning. She would sleep on my bed and I woke up to her having one. I took her to the vet who did blood work. The blood test showed a problem with her liver.

She settled after some medication but then the seizures started again. I took her back first thing on Thursday morning as she was disorientated and not good at all. I had to leave her at Beach Street Veterinary Clinic, so they could monitor her.

I expected her to come home but when I went back later in the day she was distressed and it was awful to see. A liver ultrasound was done and I was told that her liver was pretty bad. She was suffering so I had to make that heart breaking decision to let her go. I sat with her whilst waiting for the vet and then held her whilst she was put to sleep.

This dog was gorgeous and I miss her terribly. The pain is awful and I suppose as I live alone it's even worse as there is no little girl to greet me when I come home. She would give me kisses when she wanted a treat and would harass me at MY dinner time so she could get some of mine.

I called her my "baby girl". Everyone loved her and she was truly a beautiful little dog. Rita, it's just not fair. This little dog was such a gift to me.

When our much loved companion is left at the vet, we always expect to come back and find a wagging tail and joyous face. Sometimes it doesn't happen. We need people around us for these times. We need people to talk to. We are so sad to hear about Billie Girl, but at the same time we are so happy that she found a loving forever home. She was not alone.

There were some amazing memories and Billie Girl was loved by everone who saw her. Thank you so much for providing her with a wonderful home. It is our great honor to show a few images of this happy girl.





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