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Hosay's Success Story

Newly available, highly strung

Sunday, 7th of July 2013

Here is what we wrote about Hosay on our Chihuahua Rescue Victoria Dog Roll blog post back when he was still looking for a home.

We first got Hosay in July 2012. Hosay is a beautiful little long coat Pomeranian cross Chihuahua who has been let down by the human race. He was approximately 18 months old and never been handled.

It took us quite a while and much patience to rehabilitate this little man, to make him ready and willing to accept affection and love. As you can see from below, it was all worthwhile.

Hosay learning to play with a toy! July 2012. Hosay is about to have his first bath this week and we will see his glorious coat blossom! July 2012. Hosay getting a nice brushing! August 2012.

Thursday, 19th of July 2012

He is learning to come and play with a toy, and shortly he will experience his first cuddle! As of 19th July 2012 he still is wary of a hand touching him, but every day that gets nearer to happening! He will need training and handling.

Monday, 6th of August 2012

As of 6th August Hosay is now experiencing cuddles and handling, brushing etc.

He is about to have his first bath this week and we will see his glorious coat blossom!

Hosay starts fitting into his new home

Soon after that, Hosay found his forever home. Here are the updates we got on him, showing how well he grew into his new family.

Early September 2012

Hosay is improving slowly. He is still wary of me and the cats except for one, but loves Vanessa. He looks right at home most of the time! He loves when the mailman comes and he can bark furiously.

Hosay is learning to bond. October 2012.

Thursday, 20th of September 2012

Well, he is still as wild as when he came. He has not come near us yet, but I suppose it will just take time. I think he misses you, Rita, as he had bonded to you. I will keep you updated as he progresses.

Hosay sleeping with Vanessa. October 2012.

Wednesday, 26th of October 2012

Hosay is really starting to come around now. Boy what a bark he has for someone so small. He will be a great guard dog. He has bonded well now to Vanessa and cries whenever she has to leave him. Hoping he will bond to me as well soon. He still does not enjoy being picked up, but lets Vanessa pick him up.

Monday, 29th of October 2012

Hosay makes small improvements each day. I have attached a photo I got of him when I checked in on him when Vanessa was sleeping, as you can see he has made himself very much at home!

Hosay (right) and his new friend, Nismo! May 2013.

Friday, 10th of May 2013

Hi Rita,

Hosay is doing brilliantly. He has a new friend (Nismo) and they have been inseparable since their first meeting where they took to each other immediately. He now loves going for a walk, having cuddles and of course - eating his food!

He really likes playing with Nismo and lying in the sun. He is still not happy about strangers, especially children. Gradually he is getting used to the car as well. He is now able to do short trips without being car sick.

Nismo came from a Little Legs Dog Rescue near us. She was very underweight because she had been living with a Rottweiler, only getting what food it left. She had no attention whatsoever. After three months, she is is still wary of big dogs. With us, she gets as much attention as she possibly can. Nismo is nearly the same age as Hosay.

From Hosay's parents

We are so happy that Hosay has found a loving forever home. Thank you so much for letting us know how Hosay is going!



The most relaxing scene ever

Another update arrived with one of the most relaxing Chihuahua scenes ever! It makes it all worthwhile to see these dogs find a loving home.

Wednesday, 21st of August 2013

We thought we would give you an update on Hosay's progress. He is doing really, really well. He is much calmer and absolutely loves going for a walk. He is still enjoying Nismo's company, in fact he adores her and she looks after him so well! We hope you are keeping well.

From an update we received on Hosay in August 2013. Here is Hosay (right) and Nismo (left) enjoying the sunshine - and each other's company!

Beach dog

So, do you remember the little boy who had never been handled? The two girls have done absolute wonders with him! This photo is of his first experience of the beach and ocean with his mate (more photos in the gallery below). Isn't he looking just fabulous, and lead free! Incredible. Well done Hosay!

Hosay walking down the beach, happy and not even needing a leash! February 2014.

Here some fantastic photos of Hosay!

Hosay on Facebook

You can comment on Hosay here on his own Facebook post.





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