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Zippy's Success Story

Gorgeous little boy now seeking forever home

Sunday, 22nd of April 2012

We originally advertised little Zippy on the Chihuahua Rescue Victoria Dog Roll on Sunday, April 22, 2012 and here is what we said:

Zippy when we first put him up for adoption. April, 2012.

Zippy is an eighteen month old gorgeous little boy now seeking his forever home. Wonderful happy little dog, not suitable for children though, requires adults only home. Zippy has been desexed, immunised, and microchipped. He loves short walks. He is a very small Chihuahua so long walks are not advisable.

Zippy in his new home

Monday, 30th of July 2012

This is a lovely update we received for Zippy back in July, 2012.

Zippy in his basket! Zippy in his basket!

We would like to thank you for Zippy with a few of his pictures in his new home.

It is now nearly one and a half months since he took over our house, garden and our life.

We would like to inform you that he is a very happy new Zippy and that he has settled extremely well in his new castle.

Please feel free to use the pictures in any way you think may be useful to the Chihuahua Rescue Victoria.

Zippy in his basket! Zippy in his basket!

Thank you Nino and Pina - it is so good to see Zippy happy in his new home!


Zippy and his best mate Kira

Sunday, 14th of July 2013

Here is an update I received from Pina and Nino about the Chihuahua they rescued called Zippy.

Hi Rita and Mayer,

This is from Nino and Pina to give you another update on Zippy, the little Chihuahua that you have allowed us to take into our family.

Zippy has been with us just over one year now. He is well adjusted and in perfect health. He has a very gentle and patient girlfriend named Kira. Kira was two months old when she joined our family. We adopted her only a few months after Zippy, and Kira is now 12 months old.

Zippy (right) and Kira (left) in the garden together! July, 2013. Zippy (right) and Kira (left) on the couch! July, 2013.

Zippy accepted Kira immediately by keeping her company, showing her around the house and teaching her a few things he quickly mastered about the garden and ourselves. In short Zippy has been a perfect companion and playmate to Kira since day one. Kira is a 50/50 Maltese cross Chinese Crested and although she is now more than twice the size of Zippy, she lets Zippy be the master. They get along almost perfectly, as long as he gets his own way - which is always.

As you can see, they are always together!

Zippy (left) and Kira (right) playing in the garden! July, 2013.

When they don't sleep, they play. And play. They never get tired of playing.

Zippy has adapted very well to his new life but has difficulties with the cold. Zippy is a smart little devil and has become an artist in developing strategies to keep warm. He often disappears under the cushion of Kira's bed or under his own sleeping cushion. He finds a way to roll himself in and under blankets, or he lays under or next to Kira's warm long coat. He knows how to find his way inside our dressing gowns or under our jumpers and find warmth in many other ingenious ways.

Zippy (right) sleeping on Kira (left)! July, 2013. Zippy (right) and his girlfriend Kira (left) having a snooze together! July, 2013.

We want to let you know again that finding out about Chihuahua Rescue Victoria and then adopting Zippy have been among the best things that have happened to us in a very long time. We still talk about how lucky we have been with Zippy and we cannot thank you enough for having given us the opportunity of being with Zippy.


Pina and Nino

I cannot express how happy we are to see that Zippy continues to be happy in his forever home, and is giving so much love to his human family, and his other relationships! Thank you for the update Pina and Nino!





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