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Missy and Percy's Success Story

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Missy and Percy

Monday, 10th of May 2010

Missy and Percy (was named Boyess) came into Chihuahua Rescue care when their owner passed away. They had lived their entire lives (eight years) with Mary. A neighbour handed them in to a large organisation who were going to euthanise them as they were too old to re-home. So when told of their plight, Chihuahua Rescue said "no, they come here!" Both little dogs fretted for almost three weeks before we saw a tail wag or two. In April 2010 they were listed as looking for a new home.

We have written previously of our great respect and love for some families and people who will adopt these old dogs and give them loving homes in their final years. Thank you to Jasmin, Isabel and their parents for the following updates and a wonderful success story for these two lovely little dogs.

29th of April, 2010

Missy and Percy.Well as you can see we've renamed Boyess to Percy. Day one has been quiet and uneventful. They are more nervous around the kids than they are around adults. We've discovered they are fine with brushing and bathing. They have only yapped once, after a bath as they were so excited.

We are about to go and pick up the kids from school. Think I will drive them, then walk them on a big first day for them, but they are going well. They are not eating much so far, so hopefully that changes soon.

From Jasmin and Isabel's Mum

1st of May, 2010

Hi, I am Jasmin.

I am the bigger of the two girls. Percy and Missy are very good dogs. Missy is not walking with the lead. Percy is very good and is walking with the lead. Percy is very happy and out-going. Missy is still scared.

From Jasmin

9th of May, 2010

Missy and Percy - gardening is a killer!

Well they are settling in fabulously.

Isabel is still a bit unsure with the doggies, mostly when we take Missy to the beach - which happened for the first time this weekend. Missy has regressed in her walking habits back to what she was like on the lead.

I have reassured Isabel that if we do it each week the dogs will end up loving the beach.

I think we can safely say that we are now the proud owners of two dogs: Missy and Percy! Since we have changed his name, does this need to be noted on the micro chip? [Chi Rescue: Yes.]

They have both transferred to dry food and eat well. They are walking to school and back, twice a day. It's about a 2 km round trip, and they are going at walking pace. Percy can be left tied outside the shop and will wait but Missy slips her harness if she is left. They are not chasing the cat and things are going well in that respect.

Percy really has settled and seems to love his new house and busy life. Missy does too, but is timid and - I think - stubborn. She is a determined little thing so when we need the opposite to what she wants it's a clash of wills - but all is still going well. They have not been aggressive at all, the worst being a little growl when getting their harness on. This, from Missy, I think more from not wanting to go for a walk, but that's it and it passes quickly.

So thanks very much: it's all good from this end and I think you can safely send the micro chip certificates off.

Thank you so much.

We will send you an up date and a photo with the dogs and kids in a little while to show you the happiness of all parties. Actually today Isabel said she thought Missy's coat was getting a little thicker, so if that's the case it's a good sign of contentment.

From Jasmin and Isabel's Mum

10th of May, 2010

Missy will jump on our laps and so will Percy. Percy is wagging his tail and Missy is not tucking it away. Missy is walking on the leash. They are walking a lot faster. Percy knows his way home.

From Jasmin

Glad to see a new update from Betty and Greg on Sunday July the 11th, 2010.

Well all formalities are gone now.

The dogs were sleeping in the bathroom, but if you're a kid the only thing you want is your dog to sleep with you! So, in the bed they are. And not just on - I mean in the bed. Both dogs love being under the doona. They know whose bed they live on and for the first time in a while they are sleeping apart from each other, but they have a child each to snuggle up to.

They are looking so healthy and happy now. They spent the day with my mum the other day. We were gone for long hours and she is an older lady. They used to love going to her place, but this time they were so forlorn, waiting for our return.

I think they have truly settled into life owning a kid each. Would you believe that all four (two kids and two dogs) got in the bath tonight for a wash! Too funny.

Thanks Rita!

Missy and Percy, Part 2

Friday, 12th of November 2010

Missy and Percy, Part 2 - November 2010

Now, we have already had a success story for these two: back in May 2010. Unfortunately, Betty and Greg had to move and could not take Missy and Percy with them. However, Missy and Percy have such a spirit, they soon found a second home with Di and R. We were so happy when their new "Dad" sent the following email to let us know how they are going!

Missy and Percy - gardening is so much fun!

Di has her new camera and I have just downloaded three shots of the terrible twins to send to you. The two of them really settled into the new location immediately and are a bundle of fun. They spend the day roaming the block, chasing our pet magpies and kookaburras who we feed, and generally enjoying themselves. Our block is not flat and they end the day pretty tired.

They are two different personalities for sure. Percy always wants a cuddle and is the more adventurous of the two, always exploring and confident. Missy is more timid and follows him for a while. Then she is quite happy to lie down and enjoy her own company until she hears Percy bark at a bird - then she is up and out there to support him in whatever he is up to. They both get plentry of cuddles and Missy is first in line; but after a few minutes she has had enough and just gets down to lie on a sheepskin rug they have adopted as their day spot. On the other hand Percy will jump up and enjoy getting tickled all day if we had the time.

Missy and Percy - yeah, this beats gardening!

Strangely, they have bonded first with Di. At 6.30am when I get up, they give me a royal welcome and cuddles on the couch, but then as soon as I open the passage door, they desert me and take off down the hall, fly up onto Di's bed and proceed to tumble all over her. Di loves it if she is getting up but if she is trying for a bit of a sleep in, I have to keep the door closed. If I lie down on the couch at night I have the pair of them stretched out beside me and they will stay there until we go to bed.

So the progressive report is that we are delighted to have them and spoil them, and the little buggers seem to be very happy here with us.

Thank you, R and Di for giving these gorgeous little Chihuahuas a wonderful home.

Missy and Percy, Part 3

Saturday, 10th of December 2011

One more lovely update from R and Di for Missy and Percy shows me how truly they have found their forever home.

Hi Rita and Mayer,

Just a quick note to wish you both a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Also to update you on Missy and Percy with a couple of photos. First of all, they are both in excellent health and look magnificent. Missy has grown a really heavy and healthy coat - and is a real lady. She is the cautious and timid one with visitors and other dogs, whereas Percy is confident and aggressive to other dogs: especially big ones. He relies on his charm to keep on the right side of you. We have four acres un-fenced here and have never had to worry about them leaving the area.

They have a great time exploring the area when we are outside working in the yard and have made friends with Ricky, the neighbour's miniature pony. His yard abuts our boundary and although I can't make any sense of it, the three of them seem to be able to converse and enjoy one another's company.

The barking at night was resolved long ago. It is a set routine now. I just get up from the couch and say "Bed people" and they follow me outside, go to the toilet, run down the hall into the laundry where we have their beds, and sit begging for the Schmacko they get every night. I don't hear a peep out of them until we let them out about 7am. So we love 'em and they love us and we feel very lucky to have them.

So, another good home story for you to feel proud about organising.

Hope all is well with you and Mayer. Here are a couple of recent shots.

R and Di

Missy and Di - just chillin'! Missy and Percy - do not worry about us, you continue reading... Missy and Percy - OK, let us have a look at what you are reading!





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