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Provide for your Chihuahua after you have gone

Thursday, 7th of May 2015

Many times over the past couple of years we get asked: what will happen to my dog if I die suddenly, and have no family willing to take him/her?

When people adopt from us, we recommend the following:

  • Make sure that there is a note on the fridge advising the ambulance/police/relatives etc that you wish the dog(s) to come to Chihuahua Rescue Victoria. The note should say something like If something happens to me, please phone Rita or Mayer Bram at Chihuahua Rescue Victoria on 03 97755506.
  • Put conditions in your will that say what should happen to your pets - you may state that your Chihuahua(s) are to come to Chihuahua Rescue Victoria. Note any specific requests that you may wish to be carried out in regard to their futures.
    • It is not necessary to leave money or that sort of thing to us. That is not what we do. We simply love the little dogs and try to comfort them while in that first stage of sadness at having their routines around family and home taken away and made so different from what they have been used to. They will be completely vet checked and taken in to our home.

In your will, state what should happen to your pets. That is really all you need to do. We will follow your instructions to the very best of our abilities, providing it is in the best interests of the little dog(s).

An example of a "simple request" that is not as good as it sounds: someone may wish an article of their clothing be kept with the dog to remind it of their old owner. It may be a comforting thought to us, but would also be a constant reminder to the dog, and there is no possible way the owner will ever come back for them! We don't consider such requests to be in the best interest of the dog. Normally we do not keep anything to do with their previous life. It is easier for the little dog to adjust to a new life altogether and "move on" without constant reminders of "what was".

An example of a request that we believe is good: keeping two animals together. If a dog has grown up and lived with a companion animal, this is a very good thing and something that we very often do. The only time we would not follow through on such a request would be if the dogs were obviously snitching or outright fighting each other. But mostly they do tend to stick together and then they certainly would get placed together.

We do not euthanise old dogs, unless they are medically really ill and in pain in a way that cannot be treated or soothed. Normal "old age" things like blindness and deafness etc are not good reasons to euthanise an animal. We believe they still have quality of life and can be loved and give love in return.

We do have several wonderful people who help us with the really old ones from time to time. They take them as their own and love them.

This offer has always been made to people adopting from us - over the last 26 years that we have been doing rescue. Many people adopt from us and have another dog from some other place. If that is so, then we are willing to take both or more as the case may be. We also make the same offer now to anyone with Chihuahuas (or small crosses) who have no other choice. Unfortunately we are not able to take in bigger dogs.

If we can help with any other information then please just let us know.






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