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In memory of Lucky

January 2002

Pic of LuckyA phone call came: can you come and take this little Chihuahua. My Aunt owned her for ten years, and has now passed away. Poor little pet, I thought. We travelled to an Eastern suburb, knocked on the door, went in and met these lovely people. We retreated when suddenly a little spitfire bared her teeth and let fly with (what I was later to think) a delightful little yap yap. So began my introduction to Lucky, a tiny little ten year old Chihuahua, whom some of you met at one of the Chihuahua shows. She was the one with the sign saying my owner has spoilt me for ten years and I bite everyone.

Today I have spent the whole day crying and sniffling, for I lost my darling little Lucky, who was not so lucky, after all.

Why do some little dogs grab your heart and win you over so completely. We kept Lucky for two months only, but I grew to love her with all my heart. All day Mayer has been telling me I am paranoid about these little dogs. Lucky will always remain in my heart, with her own very special place, and as much as I would like to find another just like her, I know that is impossible. I also know that just around the corner is another little darling in desperate need of love and offering total love and loyalty in return.





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