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Newsletters for 2011

Stop the Clock (March 2011)

Monday, 7th of March 2011

Please join us in saying Stop The Clock: Chihuahua Rescue Victoria joins many other organisations in the call for an end to Victoria's 28 day deadline for pets to be adopted from all pounds and shelters in Victoria, regardless of who runs them. Stop The Clock is a campaign to remove this rule, and we urge you all to participate in this cause. Sometimes an animal requires treatment - medical or social - to overcome injury, abuse or whatever other circumstances brought the animal to the shelter. Whatever the reason, 28 days may not be long enough for the animal to find a new home, a new companion to love and be loved in return. And really, what is the cost of holding an animal longer than 28 days? What is the cost to our spirit as a community?

Wednesday 6 April 2011

In relation to the Stop The Clock campaign to end the 28 Day Rule for all Victorian shelters, we are pleased to see that the new draft code removes the 28 day rule - let's hope it stays out as the draft goes through the process of discussion and consultation.

Old Dogs! (April 2011)

Wednesday, 6th of April 2011

Disco being hand fed!

Old dogs! How they make your heart ache, but they give you back so much love - it is just unbelievable!

We have several old dogs living with us and you tend to just feed them, cuddle them, bathe them, clip their nails and clean their faces day after day. Suddenly one day you notice one seems to be losing weight. So you watch closely - yes he is eating OK, but the food is falling out of his mouth! No teeth and a disintegrating jaw, along with a very long tongue, mean that he is unable to "hold" the food in his mouth long enough to swallow it!

Poor little guy is eating but getting very little food actually down his throat!

This is Disco who is now 15 years old. The only way he can get any nourishment is to put his food on the back of his tongue, hold it there and wait for him to swallow it! Some would say "this is cruel" or "put him to sleep" etc. But we love him and he is such a happy little fellow and does his little "clockwork" prance across the floor towards you when you say "Discy - come - dinnertime!". Then he is lifted onto my lap and that hungry little guy really enjoys his dinner! Disco is loving life and enjoying his "lay downs" in the sunshine; his cuddles and pats etc. He is one very happy little loving dog.

Read more about Disco in his 2009 Success Story!

Chihuahua Suggested Diet (April 2011)

Wednesday, 6th of April 2011

The Chihuahua is a dog - despite its size - and must be fed like a dog, not a human. Human food is too processed and will rot their teeth rapidly. Definitely do not feed them cured meats such as bacon, ham etc. Never give them human milk products or chocolates. Nor should you feed them potatoes, onions, or grapes.

As such, we are often asked what we feed our little rescue dogs and this information addresses that.

Please note: this section has been moved to our Recipes for Chihuahua page!





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