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In memory of Tiny 2

Start of 1998

I am around six years old now and looking for a permanent home with a loving family, especially one with a bigger dog. I spent my first five years with a family, two children, their Mum and Dad, and Muffy who was a bit of a mutt, but very lovable. She mothered me!

Mum, Dad and the kids went away on holidays and boarded Muffy and me at some kennels. For six months they kept in touch and sent money to cover our board. But for some reason they decided not to send any more money. They have gone on with their lives and left Muffy and me to fend for ourselves.

Being only four legged animals, we have not had much of a chance to fend for ourselves. The owners of the boarding kennels placed us both in a lost dogs' home, where we spent the next fortnight. Since no one wanted to adopt us together, we were due to be put down. The horrors I experienced in the lost dogs home should not be forced onto any animal. Because of our highly advanced senses, we knew everything going on in there. We suffered terror and fright, worried that our lives were coming to an abrupt end. The sense of death and finality is everywhere.

I spent a sleepless night prior to that final day. I was so scared to know everything was going to end.

Muffy was locked in another cage a few doors from me and we could only send our frightened thoughts back and forth as we waited for the long night to pass.


Mid 1998

Chihuahua Rescue Victoria. We received a phone call from one of our volunteers that they had found a Chihuahua due to be put down at a doggy home; would we take him? Of course we would!

Tiny 2 came to stay with us, and another volunteer adopted Muffy. We will forever wonder why these dogs' owners never came back for them. They left them in a boarding kennel in Ballarat, Victoria. They went off on holiday, never to be heard from again. The kennel kept the dogs for twelve months (they said they would be gone for four weeks).



It is now several years since these two were abandoned in 1998. Muffy, unfortunately, has passed on from old age. Tiny 2 was adopted by a very loving family, but has also passed on.

We will often wonder if the irresponsible treatment by those who professed to love them caused them to prematurely go to doggy heaven?

Rest in peace together at last, little ones.






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