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In memory of Minnie

Sunday, 14th of September 2008

RIP Minnie. You fought so hard and almost made it through: you will always be in our heart. Here is her story.


Minnie, a ten year old tiny Chihuahua who needed saving.

Tuesday, 17th of June 2008

The phone call came through: can you save my little ten year old Chihuahua? She has not eaten for ten days and my vet wants to put her to sleep!

OK, drop everything and rush to the address we were given. On arrival, we experienced the shock of seeing this tiny little starved dog — all bones, doubled over, eyes dull, badly dehydrated. Not much hope here, we thought. However we took her home and started syringing honey and water into her. In desperation we rang several people, including the Dog God, a wonderful lady located in Brisbane. Dog God advised mixing ice cream, honey and malt and syringing this into her mouth every ten minutes throughout the night. This was the night of 17th June and many times through the night I thought we had lost her, she was so weak and tired.

First thing next morning we rushed to our Beach Street Vet Clinic where Jann took one look at Minnie and shook his head. However he did give her two 600ml injections of water under her skin and sent us home with one very bloated little dog and advice that there was not much hope as her liver and kidneys were probably malfunctioning by now with lack of food and water.

We persevered with minute amounts of liquids every ten to fifteen minutes day per and again all night of Thursday the 19th June. On Friday 20th this little girl started to lap out of a teaspoon and then out of a tiny little plate!! Even better news was that she passed a good sized motion and a huge wee, so it appeared her liver and kidneys were OK!


This is Minnie, the first time she began to eat voluntarily.

Friday, 27th of June 2008

YES! Minnie was still with us despite the many ups and downs over the previous ten days. She sometimes eats and drinks voluntarily, but other times she seems to forget and just sleep for rather long periods. We began trying to give her fluids every hour or so during the day, and observing her during the night. We were worried as she had made no attempt to make another poo, which was worrying as her little liver has been through so much. The good news is that she is still fighting. Goodness, pity help us if we try to wake her every morning to go on the wee pad!! She bites, and those little eyes show signs of anger! Bless her.


This was when she started to eat from a teaspoon, look at the fighting spirit in those eyes!

Saturday, 28th of June 2008

YEA-AH!! She finally poos for us — such a relief. Now our darling Dog God has suggested we try some puppy chicken food with an egg yolk and honey. At first she would not take it so out with the teaspoon again, then put her in the pen with the plate - well you can see from the photo here that she has started to eat from the plate. There is hope yet! Thank you to all those people who have emailed and are praying for this tiny little scrap of a dog. Thanks also to all those who have published comments on our web page in support of Minnie.


Friday, 11th of July 2008

Minnie when she first started eating from a tiny little bowl!

Minnie is well on the way to recovery. She was very weak, naturally, but is gaining strength day by day. She eats and drinks (not water!!) on her own and scratches her bedding to snuggle under the blanket. We have expanded her pen in the hope that it will give her the incentive to get out and walk around a bit. She is very bright when one of the other dogs comes near her bed and stands up tall to keep an eye on things!

She sat on Mayers lap for fifteen minutes and went to sleep — another first! She had a little drink of her melted icecream mixture and is now snuggled up in her clean soft bed, sound asleep.

One month after coming into our care she spent some time in the sunshine with Nikky and Hillby, then slept on Mayer's lap for an hour. She now walks all around our loungeroom and porch. She is eating and drinking, and even putting on a little weight. Minnie is a real character, and we love her fighting spirit!


Tuesday, 22nd of July 2008

Early this morning our darling little Minnie took a whopping big epileptic fit which lasted for six or seven minutes, and this was followed by an hour of semi-conscious pacing round and round her pen, crying all the time. Nothing would comfort her. I wrapped her in her blanket but she struggled out and kept going.


Wednesday, 23rd of July 2008

You would not believe that yesterday ever happened! Minnie is back to normal. She stands up and peeks over her bed. When she sees a movement, she demands food! Today she has eaten some mutton meat loaf and fried chicken — everything must be fried for her! In this house it is: do what they want just so long as they eat.


Sunday, 14th of September 2008

Minnie has been going along really well, and then last night she took a really bad epileptic attack and died quietly while I cradled her and comforted her. Mayer has buried her in our back yard.






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