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In memory of Lexie

Sunday, 30th of August 2009

Lexie, 1995 - 2009. 14 years

Lexie and NikkiThe call to "rescue" Lexie came in 1999. We took a trip to the outer suburbs of Melbourne and found these two little skinny dogs (mother and son) in a very dejected state. Locked outside, living in a little kennel with a yard completely covered in slate, with not a blade of grass anywhere. To top it off, there was only a little bowl of water and no sign of food. The excuse from the lady was "I cannot care for them as I want to travel." We picked them up and got out of there as quickly as we could.

First stop was the vet, who advised us that they were both undernourished and dehydrated. After three weeks of good food three times daily we soon had both of the little ones acting happily and playing with all the others. They really loved it when we invited them onto our bed — oh such luxury! From the very first day we noticed that these two could never be separated as they watched each other constantly. If one went outside, the other followed; if you picked one up to do their nails or groom them, the other would watch — unwaveringly — from the floor to make sure the other was not hurt. It was wonderful to watch.

The big day came when they went to the vet so I asked Jann to keep them together, even in recovery, which he did.

Shortly thereafter both Lexie and Nikki were adopted by Peter. The next day Peter rang in a panic. Lexie had run away! Peter's property bordered on a public forestry reserve which was very overgrown: impassable even. But Lexie had gone in there as every now and then someone would catch a glimpse of her. We told Peter to lock Nikki inside and not to let him out under any circumstances. We hoped that Lexie would come to seek Nikki out. Yes, she did, but only when she thought no one was around.

Mayer and I packed up the pusher (Lexie would walk beside it) and took Gizmo out there (even though he barked when being walked in the pusher). We thought Lexie would come to us when Giz barked and she saw the pusher. Two hours into our trip the mobile rang. "We have got her!" shouted a very excited Peter. Apparently Peter's neighbour left a hot cooked chicken in the middle of the kitchen floor and left the back door wide open (hiding behind the door). The temptation was too much for Lexie. She came in for the chicken and the door was quickly shut! Then there was the joyous reunion of Lexie and Nikki which had everyone in tears.


This was the beginning of a dream life for Lexie and Nikki. Peter idolised these little dogs. They bloomed and were given everything two little dogs could dream of. They had the softest bed and doona, even sharing it with Peter!

The dream ended when our dear friend Peter told us he had cancer. Peter was given two years. He asked us to mind Lexie and Nikki while he did some of the travelling overseas that he had always wanted to do, and never had the chance. Of course, we said yes. Peter asked us to promise him only one thing, which we did; to take Lexie and Nikki into our home and care for them to the end of their days when his own time was up. Peter had become a very dear and close friend to us so there were quite a few tears shed.

Unfortunately our dear friend did not get to do any travelling. Within a matter of weeks we received the phone call from Peter's neighbour that Peter was in hospital and not expected to come out and could she bring Lexie and Nikki back to us to care for. Of course, we agreed. Everything happened so quickly: we only had one chance to take Lexie and Nikki to visit Peter in the hospital. The following day Peter passed away.

How is it possible to describe the perfect little dog? Lexie was the cleanest little girl in the house, as was Nikki. They have both been very well behaved and have done everything requested of them. They were the best little kids you could imagine.

RainbowA few days ago Lexie was not well and had been coughing: a sort of gasping cough. A trip to the vet and we were told that her little heart had enlarged to such an extent it was pressing on her lungs, and there was no medication to help in a situation like this. However, they gave us some tablets to help ease any pain she may experience. I feel that it was not so much pain Lexie was experiencing, but panic at the lack of air because she couldn't breathe. Two things gave me that impression. Firstly she was more comfortable if we directed the fan directly onto her face, and secondly, despite the cold, she wanted to stay outside.

Lexie refused to eat on Friday evening 28th August 2009. Then she refused all food and water.

Sunday morning 30th August 2009 Lexie passed quietly in her sleep.

We hope you have met up with Peter, our darling little girl. Rest in Peace and wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.





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