Welcome to our refurbished site!

Saturday, 13th of June 2015

Welcome to our redesigned site! We gave the whole site a facelift, updated a bunch of pages and added a heap of improvements! We hope you like it.

This whole process began when we were given a wonderful new logo and couldn't work out how to use it in the old site, so we built this new site around the new logo! From Belinda, some text that very nicely describes what the logo means:

Our Chihuahua Rescue Victoria logo represents the journey a rescued Chihuahua will take to their new forever home.

Story of the logo

The new Chihuahua Rescue Victoria logo has a visual identity and the story behind its meaning is very fitting.

The centre of Chihuahua Rescue Victoria is a heart: this represents the determined love and passion of Rita and Mayer rescuing Chihuahuas. The lines spiralling out from within the heart represent a sunrise and this describes the journey that a newly rescued Chihuahua will embark upon.

Within the heart are two rescued Chihuahuas who are at the start of this journey. They currently rest and are nurtured within Chihuahua Rescue Victoria HQ, but will soon be ready to venture forth into their forever home where they will flourish and experience genuine love with their new family.

Lots of love,


So, it all began with the logo created for us by Belinda L and Belinda K, but once it started, we kept going with new ways to improve the site. Here are some highlights of what we have done:

If you see anything wrong with our new site, please let us know via the Contact Us page. We worked really hard on this site, but there is a lot of content, so we may not have found all the spelling or grammar mistakes, or even broken links.

We want to give a big thank you to our amazing testers who checked the website for errors and gave en enormous amount of feedback about design and organisation.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years and taken a rescued Chihuahua into their hearts and homes.

Rita in a special Chihuahua t-shirt!   Mayer in a special Chihuahua t-shirt!

Rita and Mayer





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