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In memory of Speedy

Saturday, 25th of April 2009

Pic of Speedy

An elderly Scottish lady wants us to pick up a female with two pups. OK. Be prepared for long phone call! An hour on the phone resulted in being told she had changed her mind - had been angry with "poopies" earlier as they had eaten one of her slippers, but they were "looverly" now. No problem.

Two weeks later she phones "Coon you coom and peek oop one poopy" in such a broad Scottish accent! OK.

Hanging in the middle of the screen door is a scribble pad and pencil for people to leave notes, plus a big sign saying "DEAF please ring on BELL". Reached for old rusty bell but it had no middle, hence no ringer. Next door neighbour says "She is deaf. You will have to bang on the door" The radio blaring inside the unit had the walls vibrating, so raised fist and hammered until hand almost fell off with the pain! Started to walk away when the door opens and this tiny little old lady with a head of bouffant blonde hair; snaps "Who are you?" Tell her my name and that I'm from Chihuahua Rescue - only to be met with "Oooh oi knoow yoo people, I have been roobbed twooce. Where’s yoor proof of oidentity?"

By now there are two neighbours joining in. One yells to her "Look at the car, it is covered in Chihuahuas so it must be the Chihuahua rescue lady." Drivers licence and Chi flyer later, she agrees to let me in. She opened the door and we both squeezed into this tiny little space inside the door.

Mouth agape, I watched as she reached up and pulled her hair. With a plop sound off came this huge blonde wig and I was told "Soorry eet was uncoomfoortable. Oi was pretending to be moi sister."

I have seen some sights from time to time, but this tiny little one bedroom unit was filled from the floor to the ceiling with everything you could think of! She had moved from a two storey four bedroom house and brought the lot with her! Sliding feet sideways, I was able to edge along one wall to the bedroom, which was just as tightly packed to the ceiling. From somewhere she managed to pick up the little male "poopy" and put him into my arms and then said "Yoo will hoove to back oot as there’s noo room to toirn around". Chi tucked under my arm I managed to squeeze sideways out of the room and out the front door.

The male "poopy" was about two years old! Not really a puppy anymore.


This little scrap was adopted to a really lovely lady, Mrs. Bartels. The first phone call reported that the little chap had settled in really well but he tore around the place like a whirlwind, so his name has been changed to Speedy. During the ensuing years we have had many letters and phone calls from Mrs. Bartels advising of Speedy’s progress.

The most disturbing information she kept speaking of was his constant "cough". Yes, you guessed it - the Chihuahua soft palate cough!

Eight years later we received the phone call from a very distressed Mrs. Bartels to advise that little Speedy had passed away.

This is the letter we have received from Mrs. Bartels.

Enclosed is a cheque to help the little old dogs, all in memory of Speedy. You gave me a lot of happiness for which I am eternally grateful and also I must say how much I admire what you are doing, and all the advice you have given me over the last eight years… May God bless you and your husband and keep you in good health to continue the work of caring for these little animals.

Speedy was loved by all who came to my house on a regular basis. I have so many helpers who keep asking where he is and when told what happened they are shocked and so sad and say what an affectionate little dog he was. He would bark his little head off and then run to the front door to greet them! One man called him "my little door bell" as he announced their arrival with my meals.

Rest in Peace, little one, Speedy!





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