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In memory of Denzil

October 2004

In memory of Denzil. This little fellow came to us in 1998, a tiny, lost, scrawny, starving scrap of a dog. Age was debatable, but we thought him to be about six or seven. With good food, and lots of tender care he came out of his shell.

An elderly couple fell in love with him, and he with them. So began some of the best advertising Chihuahua Rescue could have wanted. This couple named the little dog Denzil, after the carry bag he was carried EVERYWHERE in. This couple often rode the train between Melbourne and a close by country town. Denzil would put his head out and people "drooled" over him, as his doting owners told the story of Chihuahua Rescue and passed out our telephone number. Denzil stayed with us for three months a couple of years ago, when his owners had to return to England on family business. A delightful, happy little dog.

During October 2004, Denzil developed a brain tumour and within three weeks he passed away quietly one night. Denzil, you gave so much love to so many people. Rest in peace, Denzil.





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