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Rocky's Success Story

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Rocky first up for adoption as Big Fella

Thursday, 30th of March 2017

Here is what we said about this Rocky when we first put him up for adoption.

You want to take me for a walk?? (Thursday, 30th of March 2017)

Rocky is a gorgeous little Pomeranian cross. He is toilet trained and just loves his walks twice a day. He also loves raw beef or lamb bones! He has been desexed, microchipped, immunised, given flea and worm treatments.

Take me for a walk??

Rocky the escape artist

Saturday, 08th of April 2017

Rocky escaped from his home during a big storm! Luckily he was found the next day, but anyone who has experienced this can remember how disbelief slowly gives way to shock when you keep checking the same places over and over and cannot find your companion. Waiting overnight is even more terrible.

Rocky has escaped from his home in Elwood area in the storm late this afternoon. Please watch out for him. If seen please ring. He may be scared.

Rocky says: "Am I not beautiful?" (Saturday, 08th of April 2017). Rocky says: "Sup?" (Saturday, 08th of April 2017).

Rocky is settling in

Sunday, 23rd of April 2017

This is the Facebook post about Rocky settling in. It is these communications that make us so happy - to see a rescued dog adjusting to a new forever home.

Rocky has really started to settle in to his new home. Here he is on a dog walk to Port Ormond this morning.

Rocky enjoys the view at Port Ormond. (Sunday, 23rd of April 2017). Such a georgeous close-up of Rocky! (Sunday, 23rd of April 2017).

Rocky turns 4

Thursday, 1st of June 2017

Today we recieved an amazing photo and update: Rocky celebrates being four years old!

Rocky's 4th birthday, and 1st at his new forever loving home. (Thursday, 1st of June 2017).

Dear Grandma Rita & Grandpa Mayer

Here is my mince birthday cake. I have the two humans pretty much under control!

Love Rocky

Rocky's 4th birthday and 1st with us!

Thank you so much for this update Rocky's new Mummy.





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