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We are a non-profit rescue group dedicated to helping rescued Chihuahuas find loving forever homes. On this site, you will find: stories and photos of rescued Chihuahuas; information about Chihuahuas; newsletters from Chihuahua Rescue Victoria; and plenty of information on Chihuahuas we currently have for adoption.

What's new

Wednesday, 27th April 2016: Sasha is a gorgeous little "deer" or "Bambi" Chihuahua of six years. She was timid but very gentle. We are so happy to get this update from her new forever home. Read about it in Sasha's Chihuahua Rescue Victoria Success Story!

Tuesday, 2nd of February 2016: because we have started to see spam messages come through our Contact Us and Expression of Interest pages, we have had to add a Captcha to each of those pages to force people to enter letters from a randomised image to prove they are not spam-bots.


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